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Rockville and McHenry, MD

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Get long, lean and strong


A merging of the dynamic challenge of the ActivMotionBar and the toning and lengthening benefits of Barre, Pilates and Yoga! 


Next Live class starting March 19th, 2019

Developed and Taught by Jennifer Christophel 

A merging of the core strengthening and cardio benefits of the ActivMotion Bar and the toning and lengthening benefits of Pilates and Barre! 



Starting March 19th, 2019

$20 per class

50 minute workout includes:

* Warm Up 

* Dynamic Flow 

A flowing progression of dynamic movements using the ActivMotion Bar to help develop balance and control.

* Center Barre 

Strength building traditional and non-traditional ballet barre exercises using the Activmotion bar for added stability.

* Core Fusion

Pilates based, powerhouse strengthening, mat exercises done with the added challenge of the ActivMotion Bar.

* Stretch

For more information or to register, contact Jennifer at 


Learn about the science behind the ActiveMotion Bar that we use!

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ActiveMotion BARRE

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